"The crew was excellent, the Skipper Shahim was great we feel realy safe with him, he is a realy good sailor he knows to handel the boat by storm and wind. Anwar was perfect in Service and cleaning the cabbin and he was always looking that everything is perfekt for the guests. Arif is a great cook and he change the meals everyday diffrent tastings and he cook with love. We had only one couple was complaining everything"

All in all it was one of tne best journeys i ever had and i have done a lot of! not only the skipper husssein was very competent but also the young cook bob has practised magic meals and farout the ""good ghost"" was part of this famous trip. The skipper has found all points where sharks, dolphines, turtles etc. to be seen. A special memory for me was my birthday where they have arranged a party for me and one bbc-evening on an island with 1000 candle-lights and mantas builded by sand! You see I have had much fun. thanks a lot for this arrangement. Helga K├Áhnen on marquise 56 / romantica

Pure paradise. Crew were polite and knowedgable if you needed them but mostly left you to enjoy yourselves. There were three other couples on the boat and we had meals together, all prepared by the crew, but we never got under each others feet. Beaches, scenery, food, all stunning.

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